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Refugee services 

We provide translation for the refugees that don’t speak and read English. We teach English and social classes to our refugee community members. We donate home furnishes and provide rental Assistance. We educate the community about nutritious and affordable food.

Our main goal is to help the refugees to gain the knowledge they need to live comfortably in their new country. We provide Cultural Orientation and Safety classes

We make sure that help is available for them. Our services encourage our refugee’s members to become self-sufficient and use what they learnt to have successful life.

Housing inquiry

We help our community members with housing questions.  We Help with government and private housing applications. We work with other agencies to make sure they are protected from fraud and discrimination.  We help find Housing programs for the homeless women and children in the community.

Immigration solution and U.S Citizenship services

We help the community members with all immigration forms and connect them with the right immigration attorneys. We help community members united with their families. We help the community members to be prepared and ready to become U.S citizens. We also make sure that all their documents are in order.

Health and wellness program

We work with doctors and hospitals to educate our community members about their health. We answer all the questions the community have about the letters they receive from doctors, hospitals and healthcare insurance. We provide preventive service classes and how to stay healthy. We want our community to have access to health information and manage their health.

Women and children services

We work with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to meet the needs of the women and children. We find parenting and women empowerment program for the women in the community.  Our goal is to provide all the resources that our women and children need so they can meet their goals and succeed.

Tutoring programs

We work with community colleges and Arizona State university to provide tutoring to the students in our community.

  • Help with homework
  • College applications
  • Test prep
  • Reading
  • Math programs

Youth workshop and sports

We provide creative activities to engage the youth and young adults in community. We work with the local schools to meet the needs of the youth. We create educational and sport events for them. We have mentor programs that encourage the youth to reach their full potential.

  • Sport Tournaments
  • Community Services
  • Culture shows
  • Field Trips
  • promotes civic engagement and empowerment.

Employment services 

  • Career Counseling
  • Work Exploration
  • Job Development & Placement
  • Resume workshop
  • File for Unemployment

We work hard to find jobs for community members. We work with our local businesses to provide job training and workshop for the job seekers.